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Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Recovered Treasure

It was a wonderful morning ,  golden rays of the sun was covering the stretched fields , soothing breeze was refreshing the moods of the farmer and fields were full of green harvest. The atmosphere everywhere was joyous and electrifying but Tina , the poor girl was sitting beside the window in her room & sobbing. It was a big day for her , as today was her 16th birthday. Her friend Mansi entered the room and wished her “ Happy Birthday To You Tina ” but to her surprise the birthday girl wiped her eyes and replied in very low mood ‘ Thank You Mansi ’ . She  immediately understood that something was wrong with her so she sat beside the Tina patted her back and asked “ What’s wrong with you Tina? ” .
Tears started pouring down from Tina’s eyes she was unable to speak as she cried more loudly but Mansi managed to clam her down after a while. Now both of them sat beside the window and Tina narrated her the reason for being upset on such a marvelous day.
Tina told her that it was 24th June 2004 I was playing in the garden, it was drizzling but we never bothered , even though my mother was asking us to come inside and play , as she was afraid that we may catch cold. Suddenly I heard shrilling scream  from inside the house , it was of my mother , all of us rushed inside , my mother was lying on the kitchen floor and she was looking pale, anyhow my father managed a ambulance immediately and she was taken to the hospital but our efforts went in vain as she had severe heart attack and could not survive. That day  I cried a lot, my father was in great shock but looking at me & my elder brother he never expressed his feelings. I still remember  that my father helped both of us to sustain and come out of that miserable event. Once again the life was routine but the calamity struck us once again. This time it was with my father,  just after 6 months of  the sad demise of my mother my father was detected of having the brain tumor which was in it’s last stage, once again the doctors were helpless and my father left us alone after just 8 months. That day I felt that this is the end of my life too but my elder brother Suraj who was 17 years by then , stood beside me and encouraged me that “ even though it is tough time for us but the sweet memories of our parents and treasure of their teaching & blessings is still with us and if we follow it then only we will be paying true homage to our parents  “.  His words acted like ray of hope in those dark moment.
Thereafter my elder brother acted like my parent  for me, he took me to eat ice-cream, started getting me new dresses, spend more & more time with me helping  in my studies, even though he had kept no stone unturned about my care from his side but I still miss my parent  a lot. I know for every child their parent are  like angel but for me my parent  were my friends , my idol , my angel & my god. They used to fulfill my all needs like my education , new dresses , ice-cream , chocolate etc , but apart from needs they have taught me many things in my life to which I was very casual but that is my real treasure which I could understand after I lost them.
They used to teach me that we should never lie to other & we should be truthful to ourselves because the biggest crime is to deceive our own soul. They used to teach me moral by way of story every night  while I went to sleep in which I learnt that it is not important to come first in the class or competition but its more important to participate. At that time they also taught me that even if you lose the competition it is not  end but it is lesson that we should work hard to succeed next time. They used to teach me that to look beautiful and good is important but more essential is to be good by heart & manners because even though if you are most beautiful girl in the world but you are arrogant & ill mannered then people won’t let you come near nor they will appreciate your beauty.
Today if my parent would had been alive I would have called you all for party. I missed them today morning a lot as they were the 1st one to wish me my birthday and give me hug & gift. Every vacation we used to go  to different places were we used to enjoy but at the same time I was afraid of new places so my father used to hold my hand so that I felt secured. I still remember those dark rainy night when the lighting sound frightened me and then I used to hold my mother whole night and not let her sleep but she never scolded nor complaint regarding it.
Now when my parent are no more with me sometime I feel left alone in this world. I always think that how foolish I was when I thought the things they told me was rubbish, but that was the most valuable treasure I am having. Our parent are the only one who love us more than their lives & each word taught to us by them is the sole truth and a jewel whose worth increases as the days pass.
Mansi, I feel sorry for those children who don’t have parent but feel more sorry for those who don’t care for them. When their parent grow old most of the children drive them out their home or send them to old people home so that they can enjoy the life in their own will, they wont have to spend on their parents but they forget that their children will behave in similar fashion with them,  they forget that their parent who starved themselves so that you can have food properly, they forget the teaching & support their parents had given them when they were kids and helpless.
Here I would like to tell you & whole world that if you have parent then respect them, love them, care for them & trust them as they are mines of precious jewels which will decorate your life & make more beautiful as the time passes.
I would express my feelings towards my parent by the way of this poem-
                                If you have parent,
                                Treat them with love & care,
                                For you will never know their importance,
                                Until you see their empty chair.

From that day onwards I started  to follow everything my parent taught me and thus I recovered  the lost treasure.

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