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Friday, 23 August 2013

Modern Healthcare is add on to your skill

I am from a very small place called Yavatmal, even though it is district place but it is known for the maximum number of farmer suicide. Most of the Population is Adivasi , and we were lacking in the proper medical care. The life was worse on the holidays and festivals when any medical emergency would succumb due to lack of availability of doctor. There was not a single hospital which used to cater services after 9.00pm in night. At that time I was also a practicing surgeon in Yavatmal. I was running a 20 bedded nursing home. Everytime I was haunted by the thought of not giving timely help to needy patients who used to knock my door in the odd hours and this used to bother me a lot , but there was always a limitation of individual doctor providing services and to overcome this issue I had to think differently. So I decided to go ahead  first by agglomerating all services under one roof with help of my other professional colleague and a step towards modernization of Healthcare services.
Modernization doesn't only mean addition of new gadgets but it means proper care timely imparted to patient  which will be helpful to save his life. To stick on to the first two principle of modernization i.e proper care in proper time it was necessary that round the clock some specialist in his own field be available with all basic diagnostic facility and life saving gadgets. So we started our venture Sanjeevan Multispeciality Hospital & Research Institute with mission " Save life with Love and Care".
After the start of this new hospital I have closely seen how the modernization in healthcare helps to save precious human life which can never be regained once that golden moment is lost. Many people has misconception that in such hospital unnecessary investigations are done to retrieve money from the patient, but here I thank the availability of modern gadgets which help in timely diagnosis and thus save a life. I would like to site an example previously if any patient of heart attack  used to come we used to diagnose clinically and on basis of ECG which can be negative ( no changes of heart attack) in initial hours with advent of new technology enzymes such as troponin I can be useful which is positive even when the other parameter are normal thus can be helpful in saving human life with proper intervention.
It is quite true that due to modernization the extra cost is to be incurred by the patients but again I would say that 'life is valuable and money is only worth till you are alive'.
Availability of modern techniques has definitely changed the whole scenario, life expectancy which was 40 - 45 years initially has gone up to 65-70 yrs. In my view modernization in healthcare has got both its advantage and disadvantages, let us enumerate few disadvantages- cost of healthcare has gone up, doctors lack touch of humanity due to basic cost involved, CPA has abruptly broken the doctors patient relationship, Hospital are turning into industry with more competitive attitude, more and more facilities are coming up in metro cities rather in other words rural areas are neglected due lack of paying capacity and difficulty in viability of Healthcare Project.
Here I would like to say modern healthcare facility will definitely touch lives if we try to keep low cost of treatment , reach to rural area ( as life is precious whether poor or rich) , first establish basic healthcare infrastructure rather then going in for more advanced version of machinery, get low cost safe transportation facility, etc.
To conclude I would like to say
Your will and your skill are indispensable and modernization is just a add on jewel , let it be useful to increase the beauty but without breaking the bonds of humanity             

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