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Friday, 16 August 2013

Shrunken Sadness

Don't you feel this as absurd thing? How can there be a shrunken sadness?
Let us go analytically and step by step. Once there was a debate whether the devil exist? and I was so amazed by the final analysis of a teenager who inspired me to write this article. The debate between the prudent was in vain but thought of the small boy gave us totally different view of looking at the same thing which we believe they exist but actually they don't.
What the boy told was "does everyone believe in light?" The answer to it was unanimously in affirmation,
then he asked "does the darkness exist?" The answer to this was also "Yes"
The kid gave a sarcastic smile to gathering of those great philosophers, moved a step ahead and with sigh of disbelief he continued, dear friends light is a energy and absence of light is called darkness, so how can darkness exist? it is only the absence of positive energy 'light' we call darkness.
This small boy's positive thinking was so appealing that I got the idea to write this article. Basically Shrunken Sadness is nothing but we are moving more towards the positive energy and what is it? it is nothing but the happiness !
A person in his life need to collect only shrunken versions of negativity and once he develops this ability, this skill, then he automatically get focused at positive energy which is always required to achieve your goals.
You don't have to hunt for positive energy outside but one can develop the nag to reduce negative energy and the desired goal will be achieved.
So friends shrunken sadness is reduced version of negativity and one more step closer to positiveness
or in other words shrunken sadness is nothing but happiness.